Flawed Beautiful Creatures: Being Mary Jane and Accepting Our Flaws

Sometimes we're insecure, we're fragile
Sometimes we laugh at each other to make ourselves feel better
Sometimes we lie, sometimes we say things
That we really don't mean
But in the moment, seem like the thing to do

We're all flawed beautiful people
We're all flawed beautiful creatures -- Stacy Barthe "flawed beautiful creatures"

If you have never heard of Stacy Barthe, she is an amazing singer and songwriter whose song "Flawed Beautiful Creatures" was the theme song for season 2 of BET's Being Mary Jane (starring the beautifully flawed Gabrielle Union). I think there is a lot we can learn from Mary Jane and her "beautiful flaws." Just because we are educated, beautiful, and successful does not mean we have everything figured out. Listen to what I had to say about the show and how we as women need to learn to accept our beautiful flaws in order to work on them.

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