I Was Janet Jackson For A Night

Oh what a night! My Halloween 2015 was great in part to my kickass costume. I have wanted to dress up as Janet Jackson from her Pleasure Principle video for the past few years, and for some reason or another, I kept pushing it off to the next year in favor of another costume idea. But not this year. This year I was determined to transform myself into Ms. Janet Jackson (circa Control album days), and I did. Check out how I became Ms. Jackson (if ya nasty). 

The Inspiration

The Costume

  • Black t-shirt (I used a white paint pen to write the same symbols from Janet's shirt in the video). 
  • Black wavy wig with bangs (to get the slick haired Janet look).
  • White/Maroon Adidas wristband.
  • Silver hoop earrings (I put a key in the left one to perfectly copy Janet's signature key earring that she wore everywhere in her Control days).

  • Black knee pads (Ms. Jackson was working it in the video and needed those babies to protect her knees as she danced her way through an abandoned warehouse).
  • Black high-waisted jeans.
  • Black Adidas Superstar sneakers (I made the ultimate commitment and bought these sneakers to complete my costume).

The Completed Look: Toya T as Ms. Janet Jackson from the Pleasure Principle Video

Did I nail it? 

Click here to watch the video that inspired my costume. Enjoy. 

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