Sunday, January 3, 2016

Making New Year's Resolutions (Out of Last Year's Resolutions)

It is 2016. A brand new year, a chance for a brand new start... (pause)

Reflecting on 2015, it was actually a pretty great year for me. Although I did not accomplish all of my five new year's resolutions for 2015, I can't say that I want to change much for 2016. I think  revising or tweaking some things in my life may be the better choice than changing them.

So, let's review my five new year's resolutions from the previous year:

1. Get a jobB (i.e., job with benefits)
 I really tried on this one. Sent out tons and tons of resumes. Got all the way to final round but no dice. I guess it was not my year for a job with benefits. But, I did get a lead on a few good ones for the next year so....I will say this goal is in a work in progress.

2. Be in a long, healthy, happy relationship
Yes. I am still single (sorry mummy and daddy). But, the men I dated were not right for me. One guy was very nice but not interested in anything I liked to do. Another was celibate indefinitely but wanted to spank me (WTF, bro?). Another was a unreliable, inconsiderate, self-centered man Fuck Boy. I am not interested in sacrificing my happiness and self-worth to "have a man."

However, if you want to get technical,  I did kinda accomplish this goal. This past year I was in a very long, loving, and healthy relationship with myself. Toya T and I went on many amazing adventures together. We laughed, we cried, we watched Netflix and chilled, and we ate some yummy food. So, I am going to reward myself for this one. Yay to me!!! This year I am going to add "with a man" to end of the resolution and hope for an equally successful outcome.

3. Move into my own place
Fail! I still live at home with my mummy. But, I don't pay Yay!! Adding this one onto the 2016 list (without revisions).

4. Travel some place new internationally and domestically
Success! Goal! Touchdown! I traveled to 2 continents and 8 countries in 2015, including my first trip to Asia. It was definitely a year of travel. I saw some amazing things, ate some yummy foods, and made some great memories. This goal is getting added to the 2016 (without revisions).

5. Tone up and get back into a size 8
This one did not happen. I started and stopped several times but just couldn't keep a momentum. Though I am the biggest I have ever been,  I have learned to not beat myself up about it. I am still fly, even as Juicy T. And, this is just a challenge that I have to spend a little extra effort and time on in 2016.

Overall, I may not have accomplished all of my resolutions, but I have definitely laid the groundwork to achieve them in the future; hopefully 2016 will be that year.