#BlackHistoryFacts | Arturo Schomburg

Black History Fact #2

Arturo Schomburg, also known as Arthur Schomburg, (1874-1938) was a writer, activist, and important figure in the Harlem Renaissance. He is most noted for being an avid collector of materials on the Africa Diaspora, including literature, art, slave narratives, and other materials, amassing a collection of over 10,000 prints, books, and artifacts.  In 1925, his private collection was purchased and added to the Division of Negro Literature, History and Prints of the 135th Street (Harlem) branch of the New York City Public Library. Schomburg himself served as curator of the library from 1932 until his death in 1938. Later, the Division was renamed the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (in 1972). Today, the Schomburg Center is one of the foremost research centers on the African Diaspora, with more than 10 million items.

Thank you Arturo Schomburg for your contribution to the research on black culture and peoples!

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