My name is LaToya Tavernier (PhD…if you’re into titles), but most people know me as Toya T. I’m originally from Boston and I am a sociologist, college professor, and lifestyle blogger. I started Figure Out Your Life Blog in 2015 for two reasons—first, to chronicle and share my (endless) journey to figure out who I AM and what makes me HAPPY. For as long as I can remember, I have always sat still and checked in with myself to make sure the things I was doing, thinking, and feeling aligned with my life plans. And, if anything didn’t align, I would adjust my actions or plans accordingly. Also, I am a storyteller by nature. My friends and family can attest to my storytelling prowess. If you give me a minute, I will entertain you with a tale. This blog gives me a place to share my many, many stories.

Speaking and Panel Request

I am ready to empower, entertain, and educate. With a PhD in Sociology and Africana studies, I’m available to speak on a variety of subjects including race, immigration, successful strategies for navigating college and/or graduate school as a person of color, and more. Interested in booking me as a guest? Send inquiries to figureoutyourlifeblog@gmail.com.

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If you’re interested in sponsoring any content on Figure Out Your Life Blog or having me as a part of your brand campaign, please send an email to figureoutyourlifeblog@gmail.com with details.