Figuring Out Abortion


With the recent passing of anti-abortion bills in 9 US states, it’s important that we have open conversations within communities of color about abortion and abortion rights. With black women being 3 or 4 times more likely to die in pregnancy or childbirth than white women in the US, these new laws will likely make pregnancy more dangerous for black women. 🤰🏾

In this episode of #FigureOutYourLifePod , I share what I have figured about abortion, what you need to know about the new anti-abortion laws, and why we need to take action.

***Disclaimer: This episode addresses sensitive topics, including details about abortion procedures, that may be triggering to some listeners.

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Figuring Out Graduate School & Mental Health

graduate school and depression

In this episode of Figure Out Your Life Podcast, I speak openly about my struggles with depression and anxiety during graduate school, and discuss the different forms of support I used to deal with my depression and successfully complete my PhD program.

***DISCLAIMER: Podcast addresses sensitive topics, including depressive thoughts and suicide ideation, that may be triggering to some listeners.

Figuring Out Savings & Debt

saving money and debt

In this episode, Toya T discusses everything she has figured out about credit card debt, credit scores, and savings. She also gets a few things off her chest about Forbes Magazine calling Kylie Jenner a "self-made" billionaire and about white folks calling the cops on black people for living and breathing.

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