#MotivationMondays | Sometimes You Gotta Get Knocked Down to Get Up

This week I am giving you words to motivate you and music to keep you moving along.

Bouncin' Back (Bumpin' Me Against the Wall) by Mystikal has been on my "Steady On My Grind" playlist for years. Giving me the inspiration and good vibes I need, when I feel low, tired, and done.  The song has a great message about being able to overcome setbacks, failure, and self-doubt, along with a New Orleans bounce-filled, jazzy beat (Note: This song has no explicit language, so it is work and kid friendly).

My favorite lines from the song are:

"So if you ain't ready you better get ready/

I know I do it better when I'm being opposed/

Ah stick ya chest out, keep your chin up/

'Cause sometimes you gotta get knocked down to get up/

You keep bumping me against the wall/Yeah I know I let you slide before/But until you seen me trust me/You ain't seen bouncin' back"

If you have never heard of this song, check out the video below. 

#MotivationMusic: Closer by Goapele

I have big things on my horizon. With all of the negativity and distractions in the world, listening to this song (and Goapele's voice) soothes my soul, calms my fears, and reminds me every step I take is bringing me closer to my dreams.

Hopefully, this song helps you stay motivated and focused on your dreams. Enjoy