Need Help Saving Money?...Try Digit!

If you are trying to save money to pay for off some bills, buy that cute purse, take your first trip to New Orleans for Essence, or start a habit of saving money weekly, you may want to try out Digit.

I have been using it since May 2015 and it has completely changed my savings game, by making it super easy for me to save money. The app automatically stashes money away for you by tracking your spending habits and then pulling periodically a few dollars from your checking account and placing them in a FDIC-insured online savings account. The amounts can be really small--as little as a $1 a day--and vary daily based on the amount of money in your account and how much you ask Digit to save for you (daily you can ask the app to save less or more money for you). This week alone, using Digit, I saved $52 without thinking about it. Overall, I have saved a total of $720 since I joined Digit (see images below from my Digit account)

Digit sends weekly, and on request, updates to you on how much you have saved, and it sends every morning the updated balance of your checking account, including your last 3 transactions. You can withdraw your money at a time from your Digit savings account; and, the money will be available in your checking account the next day.

I highly recommend trying Digit for yourself. It has been recommended as a savings tool by several magazines, including Essence and Shop Smart (which is how I found out about it) and by financial expert Suze Orman.



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