I Was Janet Jackson For A Night

Oh what a night! My Halloween 2015 was great in part to my kickass costume. I have wanted to dress up as Janet Jackson from her Pleasure Principle video for the past few years, and for some reason or another, I kept pushing it off to the next year in favor of another costume idea. But not this year. This year I was determined to transform myself into Ms. Janet Jackson (circa Control album days), and I did. Check out how I became Ms. Jackson (if ya nasty). 

The Inspiration

The Costume

  • Black t-shirt (I used a white paint pen to write the same symbols from Janet's shirt in the video).

  • Black wavy wig with bangs (to get the slick haired Janet look).

  • White/Maroon Adidas wristband.

  • Silver hoop earrings (I put a key in the left one to perfectly copy Janet's signature key earring that she wore everywhere in her Control days).

  • Black knee pads (Ms. Jackson was working it in the video and needed those babies to protect her knees as she danced her way through an abandoned warehouse).

  • Black high-waisted jeans.

  • Black Adidas Superstar sneakers (I made the ultimate commitment and bought these sneakers to complete my costume).

The Completed Look: Toya T as Ms. Janet Jackson from the Pleasure Principle Video

Did I nail it? 



to watch the video that inspired my costume. Enjoy. 

10 Rocking Hallowen Costume Ideas for Black Women

Halloween is almost here. I originally planned to attend one of Kid Fury's

Trilloween parties

 (either in DC or NYC) butttttttt the way my bank account works, you see, is... (if you do not know this cultural reference, you need to make friends with the Google). Long story short, I can't afford to travel out of town to party for a weekend (after doing it last weekend). So, now I will be spending my Halloween in Boston and luckily I have a party to attend. Now my task is to find a kickass costume. 

Last year, I was super creative and went as Captain Save-a-Hoe. I got a lot of compliments on my original (and budget-friendly) costume. 

This year I want to be creative, fun, and a little sexy. And, I really want to be all of those things while portraying a strong, black female character. Here are some of the ideas I came up with: 

Storm from the X-men

Carmen Jones (as portrayed by Dorothy Dandridge)

Josephine Baker in her famous Banana Dance costume 

Catwoman (as portrayed by Eartha Kitt)

Janet Jackson in her Pleasure Principle video

Vixen of Justice League

Beyonce from Feeling Myself video

North West as Kanye West

Bumblebee from Teen Titans

Uhura from Stark Trek