Make Yourself A Priority and Not An Option

You may think that the Maya Angelou quote in the picture below is common sense. But, I will be honest, since admission is the first step in recovery...Hello, my name is Toya T and I am a recovering undercover overlover (points if you know the cultural reference). No matter how much book smarts that I have, when comes to matters of the heart I am an idiot. Remember Mr. WFM. He was a major recipient of over a decade of Toya T's brand of love, affection, and adoration. I willingly gave him 100% of me in hopes that he would love me, care about me, or treat me the way that I wanted and deserved. Unfortunately (but really fortunately, in hindsight), that never happened. I got 25% at best. (Plus tears, jealousy, and a burning desire to bust all of the windows out of his car). As much as I wanted him to give me 100%, he was never going to give me it because you can't force/convince/pressure someone into giving you more than they have or want to give. 

The only person that I


to give a 100% to is myself. When you make yourself a priority, it becomes harder to accept being only an option to those you let into your life and heart.